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Meet the owners:

I decided to move to Texas in 2017, all the way from Canada where I had spent most of my life. Though this move was initially motivated by the desire to care for my grandparents, including my grandfather who is a disabled Vietnam Veteran, and was supposed to be only temporary, life brought some unexpected changes. First, I met and fell in love with Kylie, a central Texas native and now my beautiful wife. Secondly, I fell in love with Temple.

We consider it a great blessing and opportunity to serve the communities of Temple and Belton through the Warm Cookie Company as the Farnham Family did for many years. We are so excited to meet all of you who have come love the Warm Cookie Company like we have. In addition, we look forward to meeting those of you who will try it for the first time and are committed to ensuring that you too will become a satisfied customer, visiting us often for a delicious treat.

- Andrew and Kylie Johnson

Get the scoop on our ice cream and cookies

Get the scoop on our ice cream and cookies

Our delicious cookies and ice cream are what help us stand out from the rest. Our cookies are baked fresh with love every day and delivered to you still warm. With our nitrogen ice cream, we offer a unique, exciting experience by combing everyone's favorite treat with a little science.

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