Nitrogen Ice Cream

Try a Whole New Ice Cream Experience

Visit our nitrogen ice cream shop in Temple, TX

Turn a trip to the ice cream shop into a science field trip. Based in Temple, TX, Warm Cookie Company uses liquid nitrogen to create creamy, fresh nitrogen ice cream.

We keep our liquid nitrogen at -220 degrees Celsius and pour it over fresh ingredients to create ice cream like no other. To see it all happen in front of your eyes, come to our ice cream shop today.

This is why we scream for liquid nitrogen ice cream

This is why we scream for liquid nitrogen ice cream

Ordering nitrogen ice cream does more than give the whole family a fun experience. It also has a unique taste. In comparison to traditional ice cream, nitrogen ice cream is:

  • Creamier - Due to the fast freezing process and reduced whipping requirements, nitrogen ice cream tastes noticeably silkier and creamier.
  • Denser - There are fewer air bubbles in nitrogen ice cream, giving it a thicker and purer taste.

Don't believe us? Taste the difference for yourself. Stop by our ice cream shop soon.